Justin Bieber Behind the Scenes of ‘Mistletoe’

October 11, 2011


We’re just 6 days away from the release of Justin Bieber’s Christmas album ‘Under the Mistletoe’! The Biebs already headed to Franklin, Tennessee to shoot the music video for the ‘Mistletoe’ track, and lucky for fans out there, Justin just hit Twitter to announce the release of a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. Justin definitely has a beautiful love interest in the video and yes, there is some kissing action going down, too. The only thing that surprised us was that the girl Justin was kissing wasn’t Selena Gomez. We’d heard that Sel was also in town when Justin was shooting this video, and we know it’s just wishful thinking, but it would have been pretty cute nonetheless. Overall, ‘Mistletoe’ looks like it is going to be very romantic, and the holiday vibe is through the roof with snow, Christmas trees and even a cameo from good old St. Nick. Take a look at the full sneak peek on J-B’s new video below! And be sure to tune in to MTV on October 18 at 7:54pm E/P for the world premiere of Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’ Music Video.

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