Shia LaBeouf Thinks Justin Bieber is Bomb!

July 1, 2011

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez just met her ultimate celebrity crush, Shia LaBeouf, all of which was caught on camera.  Selena was clearly a bit flustered, even commenting on how handsome Shia is.  But Justin hasn’t got anything to worry about.  In fact, Shia just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he talked about how cool he thinks the Biebs is.  Shia recounted meeting Justin at an event recently saying that J-B “rolls with like a huge squad…he has this presence like Buddha. He’s like the young prince.”  Then Shia added,“Bieber’s bomb.”  If you guys missed Shia’s hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we highly suggest you check it out!  FYI, Shia talks about Justin in “Part 2″ of the interview below.




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4 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf Thinks Justin Bieber is Bomb!”

  1. lexi bieber Says:

    Hey What kind of question did you say to my friend Jasmine V? I don’t even think you were about to say anything about my boyfriend Justin Bieber.


  2. jad Says:

    omg this is the funniest interview ever!!!
    but ive never seen someone who likes to embarasse his family that much lol!!


  3. julian felipe Says:

    i really like u selena ur so beautiful im ur number 1 fan here in philippines


  4. angelicaluvsbieber Says:

    Shia Is So CUTE!


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