Behind-the-Scenes with Justin Bieber & Chris Brown for ‘Next 2 You’ Music Video

June 29, 2011

We’re dishing some insider scoop from the ‘Next 2 You’ music video. Thanks to a new behind-the-scenes segment that Justin Bieber posted on his Facebook page, we get to see what it was really like on set while the production crew created the “end of the world” atmosphere. ‘Next 2 You’ was shot on the Universal lot, and we learn cool tidbits about the shoot from the director and producer.  Watch the behind-the-scenes special footage and the official music video for ‘Next 2 You’ below.

Behind the Scenes: Chris Brown x Justin Bieber “Next 2 You” from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

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One Response to “Behind-the-Scenes with Justin Bieber & Chris Brown for ‘Next 2 You’ Music Video”

  1. AZ Says:

    Their was something that I have read on clevver TV, that I found interesting . The host actually it was a video said Justin Bieber looked up to Chris brown a lot I wonder then that if Justin believe if it is OK to beat on women . With so many young follower’s looking up to Justin Bieber young impressionable women I wonder if they feel that its OK men to to do what the news media reported. I think Justin should have a better role model then Chris brown


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