Justin Bieber 2011 Golden Globe Photos

January 17, 2011

Check out Justin Bieber at the 2011 Golden Globe Photos.

What do yo think of JB’s more formal style?

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17 Responses to “Justin Bieber 2011 Golden Globe Photos”

  1. Mahema Says:

    I like both now and old hair stale. I love golden hair.But it’s his hair so I can’t say any thing. If he likes we have to like it too thanks


  2. aminah harouis Says:

    u are lookimg nice nothing it rong
    sexyyyyyyyyyyy HOTTTTTT CUTEEEEEEEE lol
    i am a bleeber fans love u xXxXxxXXxXxXxxXxXxXX


  3. Holly bieber Says:

    Justin bieber looks even more pengggggggg (if thats possible)wiv his suit and haircut but i like the old hair style better because that was how its bin from the start and wiv his new hair style its like hes changing himself and i love him just the way he is!!!! Xxxxxx
    but wot eva he does i will always be a belieber ! !
    Luv u justin bieber 4 eva,loved ur film was swag!
    C u in march in lndons o2 cnt wait whoooooooooo !
    Mwahhhhhh! :) xxxxxxxx


  4. sarah Says:

    this is the best photos i have ever seen of justin bieber in suite….he is awesome and also fascinating to all his fans….tres bien.


  5. mari Says:

    cool.boy.i ove he mach.he not gay!!!


  6. Lois Says:

    I love justin for whatever he does/wears/says ect..

    He has done so well getting this far, he makes any style look hot, coz he is!

    I love his new hairstyle BUT i did like his old one better, thats how he looked when i became a fan and i want him to keep the hairstyle, i love it he looks gorgeous!, he looks gorgeous now but i could do with the old hairstyle, but its up to him so, go justin!

    iloveyou sooooo much! always a belieber,♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  7. u smile Says:

    he actually looks much more mature and smart
    he looks really good i like
    i like his new haircut aswell


  8. jean Says:

    i think in whatever justin wears he always looks good wearing it,coz he makes any style hot just by wearing it.♥♥♥

    love lots,
    ♥♥jean your belieber 4evr


  9. Jame Says:

    I looove the pics and I loveee youu


  10. jessica Says:

    This is the best website ever but if you think this is not a good website you are just plant dump and thank-you


  11. Brenda Says:

    justin bieber looks gay like that.bcause he wears skinny jeans


  12. Razia Says:

    Ha look at justin with his serious face on lol <3 x


  13. Mar Says:

    eh a little improvement with the hair thats good


  14. ussra Says:

    oooomb !!!
    I loooooove the pics & i love uuuuuuuu <3


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