Concert Tickets Slumping?

July 13, 2010

Jonas BrothersThe Jonas Brothers and recent American Idol finalists are among the many music acts suffering bad concert sales, reports Reuters.  Overall ticket sales “fell to their lowest point since 2005.”

Reasons range from fans being “turned off by piggish top-tier prices, resentful of ticket add-on fees, and downright angry when they hear about discounted tickets after they have paid full price.”

Still, it’s not all bad — acts like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber are all doing well.

What do you think?  Are the Jonas Brothers getting played out?

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2 Responses to “Concert Tickets Slumping?”

  1. Danielle Makini Alleng Says:

    hey lemon sparkle or whoever you are….they are maturing you can’t expect them to be the same people…..goshhhh just get off their backs a little will you


  2. lemonsparkle Says:

    ok i think the real reason the concert tickets are slumping is because JB has changed so much. just last year they used to be down-to-earth awesome people who actually cared about the real world and were not the “grown-up” airhead celebrities they are now. if you look at the facebook chats from summer 2009 you will see how much better they were then than now. they need to get real and change their attitude if they want more fans and their concerts to be more popular.


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