Exclusive: Alyson Stoner Talks New Single “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted)” & ‘Step Up 5′

September 12, 2013


Alyson Stoner is a multiple threat that has a brand new single coming out this week. The singer, dancer, and actress will release “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted)” this Friday and we had the chance to chat with her all about it!

Alyson was also just confirmed to return for Step Up 5 and we got some inside scoop on the next movie in the franchise.

-You have a new single, “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted).” What was the inspiration behind the song and title? “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted)” is a fierce 90s throwback to Janet Jackson with a modern twist. We added House and Dance elements and the catchiest hook you’ll love to get stuck in your head. The phrase “that’s what you wanted” was inspired by someone getting an ultimatum in a relationship. Instead of pleading for a second chance, they take the space and keep moving forward on their own, hence calling the song “Dragon” – a symbol of strength, decisiveness, allure, and mystery.

-Is there a message you hope people get after listening to the track? The message is pretty clear: don’t tell me one thing if you mean another.
If you ask for space but you really don’t want to lose me, don’t be surprised when I take the space and move on. I have things to do.

-Do you have a favorite lyric from the song? Absolutely. “I will not apologize for packing up my life and leaving.” – When you’ve thought clearly and you know what’s healthiest and most honorable for all people in the situation, you can’t dwell on the temporary discomfort. You have to do what’s right.

-We’ve seen teasers of the music video as well. What can you tell us about the video? First of all, the hot green power ranger Hector David Jr is in it. It’s choreographed by Sho Tyme (Aaliyah, TLC, Jay Z) and me. You’ll see a little cat-and-mouse with Hector, a lot of dance movement, and everything we miss about MTV.

-Do you have more music you will be releasing soon? If yes, will it be similar to “Dragon” or different? I do have more music! We plan to start dropping singles very soon!

-How would you describe the sound of your music for someone who has never heard it before? Modern Janet Jackson. More urban, r&b Britney Spears. If Paula Abdul studied hip-hop. Strong melodies, beats that make you move; the best of 90′s pop music with a new flare!

-It was just confirmed that you’re back for Step Up 5! Can you give us any hints on what Camille will be up to this time around? Let’s just say Camille has found herself in an entirely different element and lifestyle, one that surprised me when I read the script!

-Are you excited to reunite with your former Step Up co-stars and work alongside some of the cast from the other movies in the franchise? Yes, we have people back from all the films. It’s going to be like a mega Step Up party every day on set. Rehearsals are already a blast!

-Any message for your fans? Thanks for supporting me on my music journey. If you have something you’ve long dreamed about, don’t be afraid to finally step out and go for it. That’s what I’m doing with music!

Photo: Chris Koehl

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