Exclusive: Madison Pettis Dishes on “Life With Boys” & “Lab Rats”

February 12, 2013


“Life With Boys” is TeenNick’s newest show starring Torri Webster & Madison Pettis. It follows 14-year-old Tess Foster (Webster) as she navigates her way through the turmoil of teen life while living at home with her single, overprotective dad and three brothers. Although Tess adores the four important men in her life, they do have four totally different perspectives. Despite the shortcomings of being the only girl in a male household, the boys can sometimes offer solid advice. Whether it’s building up the courage to talk to a boy, dealing with an obnoxious one, or coping with the repercussions of being the only girl on the boys’ wrestling team, Life With Boys sheds a comedic light on many of life’s difficult moments.

Madison Pettis stars as Allie, Tess’ best friend and we had the chance to chat with her all about the show.

-How would you “Life with Boys” and your character Allie? “Life With Boys” is about two best friends, Tess and Allie, who are going through high school together and trying to figure out the confusing world of understanding boys along the way. Tess and Allie are sort of opposites… I play Allie–who is a girly-girl, fashionista, and cheerleader & is obsessed with all things related to fashion, make-up… and of course–boys. Tess, on the other hand, is sort of a tomboy. She is the only girl on the boy’s wrestling team, so she’s very athletic. She is more focused on school & likes making her own clothes. Even though the girls are opposites… they help balance each other out and that’s why they’re best friends.

-How are you and Allie similar & different? Allie is sort of an over-the-top version of myself. Her fashion sense is amazing, but very different than mine. She is totally into bling… She loves rhinestones and sequins and wears them from head-to-toe. She’s never in jeans–well maybe once! She thinks everyday is a red carpet so she is always overdressed! She goes to school in stilettos, lol! My own personal sense of style is more toned down. I do love getting dressed up in heels & a glamorous dress for red carpets & special occasions. But my “everyday” look is more casual & comfortable. I love combat boots & skinny jeans and I have to wear a uniform to school!

-The show has been airing already in other countries, what are you excited for US fans to see? Yes, the show is airing in 86 countries & is already a hit around the world, but we saved the best for last! I am so excited for my fans here at home to finally see the show! It’s from the creator/producer of “Hannah Montana”, so you know there’s going to be lots of laughs! We just finished filming the 2nd season, so there are already 40 episodes for the fans to enjoy! There’s so much for teens to relate to! Even though Allie & Tess are best friends, they still have trouble understanding each other sometimes. Like what happens when you both like the same guy? There’s a special 2-part episode dealing with that drama! And we have a messy food fight, crazy disguises, and of course–lots of hot guys! Emily Osment also makes a special guest appearance.

-You and your co-stars seem very close. What is it like on set together in between takes/during down time? My cast is amazing! Torri Webster is really one of my best friends in real life, so working with her everyday is sooo much fun. I never even feel like I’m working when I’m with her because we have so much fun together. We are sort of like our characters… We LOVE to shop! We also are obsessed with Gossip Girl. Torri got me hooked! The boys on the show are so much fun & they’ve become like my brothers. We are all just like a big family on set & everyone gets along great! I’m so lucky to have such an awesome group of people to work with! But there’s not a lot of “down time”–if we’re not rehearsing or shooting a scene–we’re doing school!

-Is there an episode you’re most looking forward to fans seeing? I’m really excited for everyone to see “In The Principal’s Office”. That was one of my favorite episodes to shoot and now it’s one of my favorites to watch! Tess and Allie get in a big argument in the episode, so there was a lot that went into that! There’s a totally disgusting food fight, we go camping, Tess tries cheerleading… just a lot is going on! I also loved “Trouble” & “Double Trouble”… A two-part episode where Tess and Allie like the same boy! There’s so much drama and suspense in those episodes!

-You’ll also be returning for season 2 of “Lab Rats” which starts in February. Can you give us any hints on what to expect? Yes, I just finished doing my 4th episode! Working on Lab Rats is so much fun, so I’m so happy to be back guest-starring in the 2nd season! I can’t give too much away… But let’s just say Janelle has a really interesting time “chilling” with Leo! ;)

-Do you have any other projects we can look forward to in the coming months? I am also a Brand Ambassador & modeling for Pastry shoes! We are really excited for the new spring campaign being released soon! I just did an amazing photoshoot with them. We shot it at night in the middle of the dessert with a bunch of old-fashioned Airstream trailers. The pictures came out amazing! I’m also going to be doing meet & greets with them all over the country this year, so I’m sooo excited to meet all the fans in different stores!

-Why would you tell people to tune in to “Life with Boys”? I would tell people to tune in because 1. It’s a hilarious show! There are so many crazy costumes and hysterical situations that I think everyone’s going to get a good laugh out of. And 2. because I think there’s something everyone can relate to. All teenage girls can relate to the craziness and confusion boys bring to our lives… And having a best friend to help you deal with it and go through it together makes it so much easier.

Be sure to catch Madison in “Life With Boys” airing Wednesdays at 8pm on TeenNick.

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