Exclusive: Brandon Soo Hoo Talks Cartoon Network’s “Incredible Crew”

January 24, 2013


Get ready for some laughs with Cartoon Network’s new show “Incredible Crew”! The show is a half-hour sketch comedy show from producer Nick Cannon and premieres at 8pm tonight!

The hilarious show features some great up-and-coming comedic talent including Brandon Soo Hoo. We had the chance to catch up with Brandon and chat all about the show.

-Can you tell us a little about “Incredible Crew”? Incredible crew is a comedy sketch series with a diverse ensemble cast. Each episode is basically a compilation of quick skits full of colorful breaking objects, parody music videos, and an abundance of random humor.

-There have been other youth oriented sketch comedy shows in the past like “All That” and “So Random.” What sets “Incredible Crew” apart? While other shows have been produced with similar concepts, Incredible Crew really stands out with its ability to appeal to almost any demographic. Also, unlike most sketch-based comedies, there is no live audience to provide the background laughter. The viewers will provide tons of laughs as is, so the “laughter in a box” effect is unneeded. For our more technical fans, the show is primarily shot with a single camera, as opposed to the multi camera shooting for most sitcoms. The result is a crisp, movie-like quality.

-The show was created by Nick Cannon, who is a veteran of sketch comedy (All That). What was it like getting to work with him? On the first day of arriving on set, I have to admit that I was a bit star-struck when Nick Cannon walked on set. The initial shock and awe wore off, and I found Nick to be quite a swell guy, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with him.

-Did Nick give you any improv tips? He didn’t have to give me any tips, since watching him in action on screen for years provided plenty of inspiration.

-Sketch comedy involves bringing to life some crazy characters. Do you have a favorite character that you’ve played? They were all honestly pretty fun to play with, but one of my all-time favorites was probably the Hide and Go Seek guy. The skit was a spoof on Cast Away, so instead of being stranded on a remote island, I spent most of the scene trying to “survive” in my hiding place behind a tree, which wasn’t very hidden at all, really. The picture was complete with its own incarnation of Wilson, in the form of a muddy baseball. Lots of weirdness. I loved it.

-If you could write your own sketch, what would it be like? If I were to design a sketch for the show, I would try to incorporate slingshots into it somewhere, mostly due to my fondness for high speed projectiles and breaking things. But honestly, who wouldn’t appreciate slo mo footage of marbles flying through fine porcelain dishes? Put your hand down mom.

-Who would be your dream guest star for a sketch? My dream guest star would probably be zhang ziyi from “crouching tiger hidden dragon”, because I feel like her mere presence would be hilarious in any childrens tv show. Either her, or Barack Obama. Not for any specific reason, other than the fact that I would love to meet the president. Plus, he would bring tons of viewers.

Be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network at 8pm tonight!

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