Exclusive: Little Mix Reflects on 2012 & Talks Upcoming US Music Plans

January 8, 2013


Little Mix have made quite the splash in the UK since winning season 8 of “The X Factor.” The quartet of ladies had quite a big year in the UK in 2012 and they are now preparing to make their way to the US in 2013, much like their pals One Direction.

We had a chance to chat with Leigh-Anne, Jesy & Jade from the group (Perrie was sick =() all about their success, who they thought had a big 2012 and what US fans can expect from their music.

CTV: You all had quite the 2012, especially in the UK. What was your highlight?
Leigh-Anne: Our highlight has got to be “Wings” getting to #1 in the UK. That has just been amazing. When we released it, we didn’t know what the reaction would be and everyone just loves it. It was amazing seeing it get to #1.

CTV: Do you remember where you were when you got that news, or even the first time you heard it on the radio?
Jade: The first time we found out we were #1, we were doing a summer gig and it was nice to find out we were #1 then go out on stage and perform for fans. They all knew the words and everything. It was a nice moment. And then the nighttime, ITV organized for us to get a helicopter back to London and we had a #1 party which was incredible. We’ll never forget it.

CTV: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?
Jesy: Our new year’s resolution as a group is to be as successful as possible all over the world. To go global.

CTV: Do you have a favorite song from 2012, either of your own or someone else?
Leigh-Anne: I think our favorite song of 2012 has got to be “Wings.” It was our first song that we wrote together.

CTV: What was your favorite movie of 2012?
Little Mix: Taken 2. It’s really good & The Sweeney.

CTV: What was your favorite TV show of 2012?
LM: We don’t get a lot of time to watch TV but we’d say The X Factor. The US version too.

CTV: Who do you think was the biggest celebrity of 2012?
LM: One Direction. They stormed it. They’re amazing.

CTV: What advice would you give the winner of the US X Factor?
LM: Stay humble and be true to the artist you want to be. Enjoy every single minute. Take in everything because you’re going to be learning so much. Surround yourself with loving, humble people. We were lucky to have each other but if you’re a solo artist, make sure you’re surrounded by people you trust and positivity.

CTV: 2013 will be a huge year for you all. What can US fans expect from Little Mix?
LM: We just want to show everyone what we’re all about. We want to have fun. Every time we’re on stage, we just want to have a party at the end of the day, really. We want fans to hear our music and that’s what it’s all about. We can’t wait for them to hear our album.

CTV: How would you describe your sound for someone who has never heard it? Do you write your own songs?
Leigh-Anne: The good thing about us is that we said from day 1 we want to have as much input as possible. I think on the album, we’ve written about 9 out of 12 of the songs. Our sound is kind of pop & R&B but we have so many influences. I’m really into old school R&B, Jesy is really into hip hop, Jade is into Motown and Perrie is into old school rock. We’ve kind of taken all those influences and put it into one album but kept that Little Mix sound. There’s something for everyone.

CTV: What is your favorite song from your album?
Leigh-Anne: I think we have a different favorite every day. My favorite is “Case Closed” that’s on the deluxe album. It’s my favorite because it’s sort of got that R&B slow-down…like that old school R&B vibe. That’s my favorite type of music.
Jesy: Mine is “Mad House” at the moment. It’s really fun and really quirky and different.

CTV: How would you describe your actual live shows/concerts? What are fans in store for?
Leigh-Anne: We like to put on an amazing show. It’s epic really. We love to dance and perform. The harmonizing is really important for us as well.

CTV: Besides being amazing singers, you ladies have phenomenal style. How would you describe your styles?
Leigh-Anne: My style is urban but I have some influences from the 90’s…sort of Fresh Prince vibe. I love Timbalands and boyfriend jeans and being a bit of old school with it.
Jesy: My style is quite rockin’ and then street really.
Jade: My style is cute chic…little bit urban, quite cute and quirky.

CTV: Who would you love to tour with in the US or even collaborate with?
Leigh-Anne: I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Usher. He’s amazing and I’d love him to do a slow-down with us. It’d be brilliant. As a group, I think it’d be amazing for someone like Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in the world right now so that’d be incredible.

CTV: In 2012, we’ve seen a surge of talent from the UK invade the US, which is a good thing. What is it about the timing or is there something in the water over there…
Leigh-Anne: What is like…literally British acts have stolen it in the US right now. It’s been amazing. It could be anything…the Olympics, the royal family. Hopefully it will be the same for us and we can have an amazing year and crack the US as well.

CTV: Did you ever think that you would have such a global fan base? You started in the UK but you have fans all over the world.
Leigh-Anne: It’s really crazy. None of us expected it. I remember looking on twitter and seeing all these fans in Lithuania and different countries and it was like oh my gosh, so overwhelming. It’s great to have such amazing fans everywhere. We’re hoping next year we can visit them.

CTV: You’ll be releasing an album in the US in 2013. Will this be the same album you released in the UK or something different?
LM: I don’t think anything has been confirmed yet. We definitely want “Wings” to come out but we’re not sure if we’re going to change anything else.

CTV: Any message for your fans?
LM: Thank you so much for all your support. You all have been amazing and we can’t wait to meet you all!

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