Exclusive: Ryan Potter & Kyle Weiss Talk “Chance to Play” Charity Soccer Game & More

August 3, 2012


Ryan Potter from “Supah Ninjas” has teamed up with Kyle Weiss, the winner of the 2011 Halo Awards for a fun charity event this weekend called “Chance to Play.”

The event, which is this Sunday, will help to raise money for FUNDaFIELD and Toy Box for Hope, Kyle & Ryan’s charities. Chance to Play will be an afternoon of soccer and fun activities held at Cromwell Field on the beautiful centrally located University of Southern California Campus. Attendees will have the chance to play soccer with some of their favorite celebrities, play games at the event, purchase raffle tickets to win prizes, enjoy refreshments and make memories for a lifetime, all while helping disadvantaged children here at home and abroad.

We had the chance to chat with Ryan and Kyle about the great event. To purchase tickets, visit chancetoplay2012.com.

What made you want to start Toy Box of Hope?
Ryan: Toy Box of Hope is an organization that I started to benefit homeless children in Los Angeles. I started it because my goal in life is to end homelessness or just do better aiding homeless children and the homeless starting in Los Angeles and hopefully being able to work internationally.

How did you two meet and decide to start Chance to Play?
Ryan: I met Kyle at the Halo Awards when he won last year for Fund A Field. I gave him my number to see if we could do any collaboration work, come up with events together. One thing led to another and we ended up coming with this celebrity soccer event.

Kyle: I’ve been doing charity work with my organization, FUNDaFIELD since I was 13. And so at the Nickeloden Halo Awards where we got a really cool award from David Beckham when I met Ryan and then later I found out everything Ryan was doing with Toy Box of Hope. I think I just really wanted to work with him and we both kind of saw – we both were really into the idea that something as simple as play or hope can make a really big difference for a kid. I mean he’s working in Los Angeles and I’m working all over the developing world but the concept is very similar and we wanted to do something together. I heard about his toy drive so I knew he could along celebrity friends and I wanted to incorporate our soccer piece into that and I think that Chance to Play is going to be a really cool event. It’s different from your typical red carpet charity event and I think people are going to be excited about that and hopefully it’ll be pretty inspiring for them because my organization is all run by kids and Ryan’s a kid and he runs his organization so that’s kind of where it all came from.

What can people expect at the actual Chance to Play event?
Ryan: There’s going to be a lot of stuff – an awesome dj, all the celebrities, meet & greets, signings. There’s going to be a tricking battle. Tricking is kind of a new up-and-coming sport. These guys are going to defy gravity right in front of you. Throwing double backflips and crazy corkscrew butterfly flips. IM5 is going to perform. We have a bunch of stuff lined up. There’s going to be a lot of silly games, booths selling things. One of the winners from the recent Cupcake Wars will be there and proceeds will be donated to our charity.

Kyle: There’s going to be a fun and entertaning, tons of little quirks and funny twists soccer game. The celebrity roster is pretty awesome – I mean it’s totally full at this point. But after the celebrities walk the carpet and do the interviews and everything they’re going to get into their soccer gear and they’re going to play. I mean, throughout the day we’re going to have performances; we have professional dancers coming in; we’ve got IM5. There’s going to be raffles, amazing food, activities, celebrity meet and greets — but you know, all kind of with the theme of charity and using play to make a difference. We don’t really want to lose sight of that. I think that’s a big thing me and Ryan agreed with. Yeah, there will be celebrities and that will bring people out hopefully, but we want the message to be about giving back, I guess.

Is there any player you’re watching out for or want for your team?
Ryan: I’m looking out for Carlos Knight. He’s really competitive. I would love him on my team.

What advice do you have for young people that don’t know how to go out and make a difference like you are?
Kyle: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I like to think there are two pieces. One – you don’t have to start a giant non-profit and travel to Africa 13 times in order to make a difference. You can do something small and just to see what it’s like cause once people do it once, they tend to come back. And the other thing is, do something you care about. A lot of people want to build wells or cure disease and those are amazing things but if it’s not something that they’re passionate about or they care about, it’s not going to happen. So it has to be something that when they’re working it’s actually more like fun not work. For me, it was soccer.

Ryan: Someone suggested this to me when I first started – follow a bunch of charities on twitter and see what they’re up to, how you can help. Get groups of your friends to donate or go to events and show support.

Do you have any goals to maybe expand what you’re doing with your organization over the next 5-10 years? What are your plans for the future?
Kyle: Yeah, I think Chance to Play is definitely a big part of our growth model, hopefully. We want this to become a yearly thing and really become THE charity event in LA. So hopefully that will take off and grow every year. It’s already getting bigger as we get closer to the event. The names get bigger and bigger and more and more people are interested. So hopefully by next year it’ll be huge and that will kind of help FUNDaFIELD get a little more freedom to focus on actually building you know, 2 fields a year and growing it. I think as the event grows, FUNDaFIELD will grow and get some more and more kids who have gone through a trauma or conflict.

We are very excited for Chance to Play and we hope we get to see some of you there! Don’t forget you can get tickets at chancetoplay2012.com.

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