Exclusive: Matthew Fahey Talks Season 2 of “Awkward”

July 2, 2012


Did you watch the season premiere of “Awkward” last week? So good right?

We can’t wait to see what happens next and according to Matthew Fahey, there’s tons more drama and laughs to come.

We had the chance to chat with Matthew Fahey, who plays Ricky. Find out what he dished below:

How will season 2 be different from season 1? Season 1 raised the bar and season 2 raises it even higher. There’s more drama, comedy, and raunchiness.

What can we expect from Ricky this season? You can expect the typical Ricky, but you may see a softer side to him like the season finale of last season.

Everyone on the cast seems to get along well. What’s a typical day on set like? Any pranks? Getting our work done to our best ability, then going and cracking jokes while we wait to do the next scenes. I never got pranked. I know Jillian did by Brett and Beau. I guess they filled her trailer bathroom with balloons.

Your co-star Ashley Rickards got “Punk’d” recently. What other castmate would you love to see get punk’d? I would love to see Nikki or Desi get punk’d I think it’d be hilarious to see their reactions.

The show has such a great fanbase. Any cool fan stories? I don’t get recognized much. I had an awful mop head last season so maybe this year! Haha! I did though get recognized by some fans at the Gone premiere a few months ago and signed some autographs, and took some fan pictures, which was awesome!

What has been your favorite moment so far, from being on “Awkward.” You may get to see Ricky Schwartz dance a little…

What is the main reason you’d tell fans to tune into season 2? If you loved last season you will love season 2 even more! You will laugh, cry, and laugh more.

Be sure to catch “Awkward” on MTV Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Photo: Deidhra Fahey Photography

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  1. rian Says:

    i think Jenna should pick Matty case everybody make mistakes. She should forgive him. And he loves her and dip down Jenna loves him to!!!! Plus they are cute together


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