Exclusive: Morgan from “The Catalina” Dishes on “Bikinis & Break-Ups”

June 5, 2012


Are you as addicted to the CW’s newest reality show, “The Catalina,” as we are?

Episode 2 airs tonight on the CW at 8pm and it definitely looks like more fun and more drama are guaranteed! We had the chance to talk with Morgan, the general manager of the restaurant Kung Fu, all about tonight’s episode and those pesky comparisons to “Jersey Shore.”

Episode 2, “Bikinis & Breakups” definitely looks like it’s going to be a good one. What was it like having the owner “undercover”? It definitely will be very fun episode. By fun I mean nude LOL. If it comes to Nathan, I don’t think anything will be able to surprise me anymore. He is known for his crazy approach to things. He sets his mind on some weird idea, but fortunately gets over it quickly, so I don’t pay attention to this anymore. Sometimes I feel like he is only disguising as a responsible adult, but deep inside he is a big child. At the end of the day growing up is optional. LOL

What else can we look forward to in the episode? Honestly I don’t remember, because all I’m really interested in are the scenes with me. I’m just joking! LOL
There is going to be a little drama between Nancy and Kris. It is not a secret that they used to date and still have some ‘unfinished business’. Viewers will also be able to see Karina and Vicky modeling for Betty Bangs bikini fashion show, I will be trying to handle all of the mess related to organizing this event. You will see all of us test driving a new attraction that The Catalina would like to possibly provide for the guest – a yacht.

The show has been called “the next Jersey Shore.” What do you think of this title/comparison? Everybody is asking me this question and it is slowly getting annoying, but I understand that this is happening because of the lack of better comparison for the kind of show like ours. In my opinion we are more like ‘Love boat’. We work in a hotel and we are forced to deal with bizarre situations and weird people, who decided to stay with us. Even though it looks like all we do is party and hook up, we don’t pretend to work and Nathan does not pretend to pay us. We are actually doing our job and we must be doing something right, since we have been in business for couple of years now. People can judge us all they want, but I prefer if they keep their verdicts to themselves.

What can we look forward to with the rest of the season? With each episode viewers are going to be able to see more of the true colors of each character as their stories develop.
During shooting we captured tons of things that were very real, but seem simply crazy and people will probably not be even able to believe it and may say it was scripted. I am not sure what will be included in the show, but whatever it is, it will be funny. This show is a COMEDY and it is made to make people laugh and have a reaction ‘no, they did not just do that.’ I’m sure that if viewers take this approach instead of oozing with negativity, they will have lots of fun laughing with us and at us.

South Beach always has some great fashion going on. Are there any Summer trends you’ve noticed? It is hard to notice trends down here since people in South Beach tend to take their clothes off rather then put them on LOL. I can tell you about the things that never change – short skirts, tight tops, bikinis and flip flops.

If our readers wanted to visit the Catalina, what things would they have to make sure to check out/do to have the best experience? This is a question for the front desk girls. They say the script listing amenities of the hotel at least 50 times a day…’we have two pools, two restaurants, beach club, bikes for the hotel guests etc.’ Customer service is not my forte, as you can see on the show. I run operations and pay other people for being nice to the guests. I tried working on that, but I failed LOL

What has been your favorite part about being part of this show/experience? All the lights and cameras on me. I love the attention. Just joking…no…wait, not really LOL
I was excited that people will be able to take a look at behind the scenes of running a hotel and restaurant.

I know I am not normal, I have learned to enjoy my crazy ways of dealing with people or issues. I feel blessed that I had a chance to participate in this show and have all of this documented, so I can laugh at it now and I love the idea that other people will be able to do that as well.

We absolutely love Morgan and her feisty personality! Be sure to watch “The Catalina” on the CW, Tuesdays at 8pm.

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2 Responses to “Exclusive: Morgan from “The Catalina” Dishes on “Bikinis & Break-Ups””

  1. oliva Says:

    it will be cancelled soon.. its just not good at all and why is the hotel always empty.. i feel bad for the cw.. actually nooo…they just tried to jump on jersey shore bandwagon and failed..


  2. valerie Says:

    Love it! And I agree with what she said. People are taking this way too seriously. They just need to relax and enjoy the show. I am enjoying it a lot and laughing every time I watch.


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