Chuck Bass Leaving Gossip Girl?!

February 1, 2011

Ed Westwick on SetOh no! Is Chuck Bass leaving Gossip Girl?! The way he’s talking, it sounds like he’s totally over the show!

Ed Westwick recently talked with Tatler magazine about his job on the CW hit saying, “It’s all about the work, you know; the feeling you get when you connect to the work. And that’s what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning – I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I’m ready to do something else. Really ready to do something else.”

Maybe it has something to do with his bitter break-up with co-star Jessica Szohr? Westwick added to the mag, “Everyone’s dated each other, and then broken up, or whatever.”

Well, that’s kind of what happens when you put a bunch of hotties together on one TV show! Please don’t leave us yet, Chuck!!!

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