Taylor Squared is HEATING THINGS UP!

October 26, 2009

ALERT THE PRESSES: The rumor mill is revving up it’s engines because just yesterday Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner hit the town to attend a LA Kings Hockey game together in Los Angeles. The pair, who first became pals after their make-out scene in “Valentine’s Day,” reportedly headed back to a Beverly Hills Hotel after the game, where they were both spied leaving the next morning.taylor-swift-lautner-valentines-day

Bigtime paparazzi noted that Taylor Squared didn’t seem to be trying to hide their hang-out session, and that if they’d wanted to, they could’ve been much sneakier. So this leaves us wondering if they have anything to hide after all? Maybe these two beauties are just friends watching some sports together…or is there something more?

Check out this link to a pic of T-Swift and T-Lautner at the Kings game and make the judgement call for yourself…

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8 Responses to “Taylor Squared is HEATING THINGS UP!”

  1. Mira Says:

    I think they will make a great couple! They look happy and cute together :-)


  2. sweety Says:

    seriousely, i honestly, feel sorry for both of dem taylors coz everywhere dey go, dey get followed n get commented on everything dey do, n so sum ppl get it wrong.. basicly.. i just think dat its just soo stupid dat ppl think theyre dating.. i mean even if dey did.. its not our business..its ders.. i bet both taylors do get so pissed n depressed about all da stuff ppl write about dem…which myt, n myt not be true.. n if dey do great dat wud be awesome, n if dey didnt dat means dey dont see each oda dat way.. dey might just like each oda as friends n nuthing else..

    although in my own opinion…
    if dey date: DAT WUD BE NICE!
    if dey didnt: DATY WUD BE FINEE!

    nuthing bad wud happen.. GIVE DEM SOME PRIVACY N SOME BREAK! godd sumtimes it gets sooo annoting when u see constant news about dem dat myt not even be truee..

    n plus its just for a movie… if dey get told 2 do wateva dey say ..dey must do it, if dey want 2 be in da movie..



  3. Jennifer Le Says:

    aw, that’d be rlly awesome if they had feelings 4 each other!!! :D but as much as i RLLY want 2 know, we should give them space until we know 4 SURE


  4. danielle Says:

    i doubt that taylor swift would date another guy thats in the spotlight that much. whose life is basically controlled by the media. she said herself that she has no intention of doing the secret dating thing ever again though!


  5. Isabella Flores Says:

    Lol i think their just friends but if there is something more awsome the two of the KSTEW and RPATZ are the realest people im Hollywood! I love them all LET THEM HAVE THEIR PRIVACY! =]
    What if Taylor Swift is gonna be in Breaking Dawn???….


    • sweety Says:

      i doubt shell be in breaking dawn coz i already read n finshed da whole movies books of twilight,new moon,eclipse,breaking dawan n in breaking daw n taylor swift dusnt cum in it.. n if she did ,it wudve been pretty random n stupid … coz den it wudnt make sence..


  6. Alice Says:

    Personally I think they are just friends.
    Like Joslyn said, since they didn’t try to hide, that just shows they have nothing to hide.
    But they would make a cute couple, but what happend to Selena though?
    But I don’t think they are dating, he probably thinks she is really pretty (Since she is), and she probably thinks he’s really handsome, but that’s it. Hm. That didnt make sense..
    Anyways, I doubt they are dating.


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