Lea Michele is Glamour-ous

September 1, 2010

lea-michele-glamourThe infectiously Gleeful Lea Michele, who covers next month’s Glamour, claims there’s no drama behind the scenes of Glee.  She doesn’t even have a little crush on Cory Monteith,  because he’s too much “like my brother.”  (Ouch.)

GLAMOUR: Is Cory Monteith [Finn] as delicious as he seems?

LEA MICHELE: Cory is such a goofball. I swear to God, that kid can make me laugh.

GLAMOUR: You don’t have a crush on him?

LEA MICHELE: No, I don’t have a crush on Cory! Rachel has a massive crush on him. He’s like my brother.

GLAMOUR: What’s the show gossip? Because you could all hate each other, for all we know. Somebody must hate somebody.

LEA MICHELE: They are my family, honestly. I don’t have family in L.A. If I didn’t have them…I love my cast.

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