Ariana Grande Releases “Popular Song” Featuring Mika!

December 21, 2012

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The singer/actress took a break from her role on Victorious to record a new track featuring none other than Mika!

The song is titled, “Popular Song” and features lyrics like, “My problem, I was never a model, I was never a scholar, you were always popular, you were singing all the songs I don’t know, now you’re in the front row cause my song is popular.”

Take a listen to Ariana’s new song below and let us know what you think!

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7 Responses to “Ariana Grande Releases “Popular Song” Featuring Mika!”

  1. mauricr katz Says:

    Love the song


  2. Cara Says:

    Even though its not Ariana’s song and its mikes I still think its really good and their both talented and have good voices


  3. Rose Says:

    This is Mika’s song! Which wasn’t even originally recorded with Ariana Grande. It pisses me off how little respect Mika gets sometimes.


  4. Vi Says:

    Umm excuse me? It’s MIKA’s song, who was kind enough let her re-record it with him and feature her. …Smh -_-


  5. evelien keizer Says:

    It’s MIKA’s song. I hate that this stuff happens. GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT.


  6. Lizzie Says:

    Actually it’s Mika’s song featuring Ariana. Just saying. Mika deserves more credit as an artist and a song writer.


  7. Emma Sherman Says:

    Victorious stopped filming a while back and it already got cancelled so there was no “break” and it’s Mika’s song featuring Ariana Grande, not the other way around.


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