About ClevverTV

Here at ClevverTV we love all things entertainment. From the Jonas Brothers to Twilight to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez – we find out what is going on and keep you informed!! We are just a group of people having fun, talking about the stuff we love. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you stay and hang out. Below is some 411 on who we are and what we do.

Who We Are?
ClevverTV is actually a small group of us who all work together to create this website and the ClevverTV web shows you see. You probably know Joslyn Davis and Dana Ward from the ClevverTV web shows, however there are several more of us behind the scenes.

ClevverTV Web Shows
If you want to check out our ClevverTV web shows hosted by the talented and funny Joslyn Davis and Dana Ward, you can see them here on our site or at YouTube YouTube.com/ClevverTV

ClevverTV Twitter
If you NEED to stay up to date every minute of the day like we do, follow us on Twitter. We tweet about all the latest updates from our website, our YouTube channels and much more at Twitter.com/ClevverTV

Joslyn and Dana’s Personal YouTube Pages
Joslyn and Dana have their own personal ClevverTV pages on YouTube that they update almost daily. They talk about anything and everything – so you never know what to expect. Check them out at YouTube.com/ClevvertvJoslyn or YouTube.com/ClevvertvDana

News Tips or Photos
If you have a hot news tip that you think we might want to hear about or a photo of your favorite celebrity you just snapped on your iPhone or Blackberry, send us an email and if it fits we will post it to our site or we may even do a whole ClevverTV show about it!!! Email us at News {at} clevvertv.com {TIP: Include some info and your name so we can give you a shoutout if you want it}

Are You A Publicist Or You Want To Be On ClevverTV?
First of all, Hi, nice to meet you. We are interested in hearing from you cause we love having guests on ClevverTV!! Give us a shout and let us know your story, we are pretty easy going : ) Email us at Press{at} clevvertv.com

Want To Advertise With Us?
Sweet! Shoot us an email with what you were thinking. Our prices are affordable and we have several different types of ad sizes and formats including 300×250 banners and pre-roll video advertising. Contact Mike Palmer at his email mike {at} clevvertv.com

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